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Our Gunsmith is Dee Rawson.   Dee is an USPSA Master class shooter in LTD, LTD10, & Open.  Dee also competes in 3 gun with his wife Marie.  All guns that Dee shoots have been built by or highly modDee ZoneDee Zoneified by Dee.

GUNSMITH Price List    Price Varies based on the complexity of the firearm            

Labor Rate                                                                                     $55/hour

Minimum Charge on work                                                               $20

Written Firearm Appraisals for Insurance                                       $20 & up



Function Fire(FF) + Ammo                                                            $10

Disassemble & Reassemble(D&R) for Finishing or Barrel

Threading  (+ cleaning if needed)                                                  $20

Bore Sight                                                                                      $10

Mount Scope & Bore Sight                                                             $20

Install Night Sights in Factory Dove Tails (Sights Extra)                  $20-$35

Bore Scope Barrel                                                                          $15

Make Cast Chamber  + Cleaning                                                    $30

Remove Stuck Fire Case from Chamber & Inspect                         Hourly Rate

Remove Live Round From Chamber                                               $20 + Hourly Rate

Remove Obstruction from Bore & Inspect                                       Hourly Rate

Check Head Space (common cartridges) + Cleaning                      $20  

Rapid Crown Barrel                                                                         $20  

Check Firing Pin Protrusion                                                            $25

Remove Rust, Cold Blue or Brown                                                  Hourly Rate

Polish Chamber                                                                               Hourly Rate

Remove Copper Fouling                                                                 Hourly Rate



Disassemble, Ultra-Sonic Clean, Inspect, Lube, Reassemble        $35-$70

1911 Trigger Job (plus any parts needed)  3.5-4lb pull                    $45

Throat, Polish Barrel, & Feed Ramp, Includes FF                            $30-$70

1911 Smooth Action, Includes FF                                                     $65

Fit barrel Bushing                                                                            $20-$35

Clean Lead Fouled Barrel                                                               $35-$70

Replace Barrel (drop in), Includes FF                                             $35     

Replace Barrel (non drop in)  Includes FF                                       Hourly Rate

Hand Checker Front Strap + Refinish  30lpi                                     $125-195

Drill & Tap dust cover for Dot scope mount (per hole)                      $10

Chamfer Revolver Forcing Cone/Barrel                                           $35-$55

Bob Hammer Spur                                                                            $40


AR Types:

Disassemble, Ultra-Sonic Clean, Inspect, Lube, Reassemble            $35-$70

Assemble Lower (new lower)(labor only)                                            $35

Assemble Upper & Head Space Barrel (new upper)(labor only)         $45

Install Trigger (plus cleaning)                                                             $20

Remove Pinned Front Sight (labor only)                                            $20-$35  

Install Free Float Hand Guard (labor only)                                         $35-$70

Remove Ruptured Gas Tube                                                             Hourly Rate

Replace & Head Space Barrel (plug cleaning)                                   $25-$70 


Bolt Actions:

Trigger Job (+parts)                                                                           $25-$70

Disassemble, Clean, Inspect, Lube, & Reassemble                           $35-$55

Glass Bed Action (recoil lug)                                                             $60-$100

Full Float Stock                                                                                 $35-$70

Cut & Crown Barrel                                                                           $45-$75

Threading For Muzzle Brake + D&R                                                 $65-$125

Ops inc Muzzle Brake                                                                       $135-$165

 Deesel Muzzle Brake                                                                       $135-$195

 Aluma-Hyde Muzzle Brake                                                               $20


OPS Muzzle Brake!!   Originally developed for the military, the OPS Muzzle Brake is the result of extensive research into muzzle gases and the effects of redirecting them for recoil reduction and accuracy enhancement.

The OPS Brake has a unique asymmetrical cupped primary baffle followed by a lateral secondary baffle. Recoil reduction of up to 70+% with virtually no “puff” back at the shooter…  Can be used hunting w/o hearing protection, noise to the shooter only slightly loader than bare muzzle!!

The OPS Muzzle Brake comes in stainless finish only, and is .866 Diameter.  I can be adapted to any caliber from .223 to .375.  We adapt the bore .030 over caliber.  Cannot be reduced to barrel diameter, but can be tapered.

OPS Muzzle BrakeOPS Muzzle Brake

Deesel Muzzle Brake!!!  The Deesel Muzzle Brake is designed by our gunsmith.  This brake is noisier to the shooter but is very effective.  Has three ports the first one has a radius upper area to keep muzzle down.  

We adapt the bore .030 over caliber.  The brake is made out of Stainless steel and can be bead blasted or left polished.  Any Caliber from 17 - 458   More Pictures in Photo Gallery.

Deesel Muzzle brakeDeesel Muzzle brake